The association “Terra de Garnatxes” lands at Prowein

On 15 March at 13:45 Julian Talaverón AIWS, will conduct the wine tasting of 10 Mediterranean Grenache wines elaborated by six Catalan wineries from the association “Terra de Garnatxes”. The event will take place at the wine tasting space “Catalunya” from Prodeca Hall 10/Stand H-70-78-86-92. 

Grenache in all its variants is the Catalan variety par excellence, recognized worldwide and expanding internationally. The aim of this tasting is to offer professionals a tour of several Catalan wine regions, which cultivate […]

Wine Tourism: the vineyard

In Viladellops we understand the visits like an experience and a way to get near to our home, our environment and our skills to know better and comprehend better our wines. That´s why each visit is individual according to the level of interest  from visitors. Each meeting becomes different, unique and personal.
The first rule we apply and we should all apply to ourselves is the respect for nature. With knowledge, intelligence, experience and also […]

Interview: Marcelo Desvalls (IV)

Interview: Marcelo Desvalls (III)

Interview: Marcelo Desvalls (II)

Interview: Marcelo Desvalls (I)