The creation of Viladellops dates back to the year 930 when the Count of Sunyer reconquered from the Moors the Castle of Olèrdola and permission to repopulate and create new settlements was granted.
The medieval tower dates back to this same period and to the present day is to be found in a perfect state of preservation. It served as a fortification and communications with the Castle of Olerdola.
The patron saint of Viladellops is Saint John, in honour of the Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem, who built the Chapel of Viladellops during that same period.
Nowadays, the village is made up of 18 country houses known locally as “masias” (Typical country properties found in this area) which have maintained the same atmosphere and feel as 100 years ago, due to the fact that they have been preserved just as they were originally.