The property of the Viladellops Estate extends over 500 hectares, made up of Mediterranean woodland, cereals and 60 hectares of vineyards registered as Penedès Denomination of Origin. A large number of traces of the region´s traditional agricultural activity can be seen around the estate, such as 25 dry stone dwellings, stone walls, wells borne from the rock faces, all of which trace the important agricultural history of the region since time immemorial.

Terroir: The Viladellops Estate is situated in the MASSIS DEL GARRAF, a solid rock area extending from the Mediterranean Sea, reaching a height of 250 metres above sea level. On the estate of very poor chalky, calcareous soil with a high percentage of active limestone, we find large amounts of sediment and marine fossils; unmistakable traces of past eras when this area had been the sea bed.

Clima: Due to its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea (10 kms) during the months of August and September, the characteristic morning moisture benefits the vines in their rehydration, lengthening and achieving an optimum phenolic maturity. However, this natural rehydration requires a very tidy and organised vine growing in order to avoid problems of rot.

Ecologia: Over the years the Viladellops Estate has both very carefully preserved the surrounding countryside and its architecture. Following the owner’s philosophy the vineyards have been registered in the “Consell Catala de la Producció Agrària Ecològica “(Catalan Council of Organic Agricultural Production – CCPAE) which means the current wines are officially certified as organically produced wines.

Tipicitat: Keeping with tradition, The Viladellops Project can be defined as 100% Mediterranean and autochthonous, preserving and promoting the traditional varieties of the region; Xarel·lo white and Garnacha red.