Company Events at Finca Viladellops

We offer a wide range of types of rooms to meet your needs for meetings or incentive events, so that your clients will meet the company targets set.

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Sala de Consells or Tasting Room

This room hast plenty of natural light and magnificent views of the vineyards, a comfortable setting that requires little technology. The big table in the middle holds up to 14 people, and it is suitable for holding private meetings or a specialised tasting with our experts.

The room is supplemented by “El Balcó de les Vinyes,” a terrace off the room with spectacular views of the entire estate, perfect for taking an outdoor break from the meeting.

The Canteen

It is located on the estate, opposite the winery. This is a place for a tasting, for eating and meeting. When you enter, you see a large, charming place for a tasting, for coffee breaks, breakfast or lunch, as well as a small bar.

On the first floor, you will enjoy the views of the village and the vineyards, an ideal place to meet. It’s a large space with big windows, which holds a large number of people. It has an outdoor terrace with a direct exit and views of the vineyards, and it’s an ideal spot to disconnect during a break in the meeting.

Create your own Town Fair

The aim of the event is to create a fictional town with the company’s name and to decorate it as if the town were holding a fair.
The mayor of the town, along with the mayor’s spouse and a priest, will receive the guests with a glass of sparkling wine and a band playing music.
Like any town fair, there will be an opening act, (with a speech written by the company), complete with a ribbon-cutting, and then traditional Catalan activities will take place, including the traditional musical instruments called gralles being played, giants dancing (large papier-mâché figures called gegants), a dance called the Ball de Bastons, and Castellers, people who climb on each other’s shoulders to make large temporary structures in different formations.
Meanwhile, a barbecue will be set up to roast green onions or meat. There will also be cold cuts and an assortment of cheeses. All of this will be enjoyed with entertainment provided by live pop rock bands, allowing people to dance to the latest beats.

Chapel and the Vineyards

There is a 12th-century chapel in an ideal setting for events with a wide variety of formats, whether presentations, meetings, seminars, small conferences, or meals, in a singular setting. It holds up to 30 people.

We are located in a privileged agricultural setting. We have outdoor spaces for organising all sorts of events and activities related to the world of wine.

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Our winery is a unique setting, very close to Barcelona, to create incentives that mix meetings and leisure.

Its entrances make the property easy to get to, as it is close to the motorways around it (AP-7 and the Garraf Motorway).

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