Beauty of the old vineyards

Coupage: 100% Carignan

An intense aubergine colour with violet edges and ample tearing. It has a fresh, intense aroma of ripe red fruit, prunes, spices, as well as a balsamic aroma. It has a medium structure, a mineral fruitiness, and a marked acidity, lively with sweet tannins. It’s persistent, flavourful, and has a long-lasting aftertaste.

The Parany is 100% Carignan grapes, from vineyards that are 80/90 years old. The surface area is “un jornal de terra” (the amount of land that a grape farmer could work in one day).

It’s a singular lot located in the middle of the Garraf Massif, surrounded by forest. Approximately 300 bottles are made, only in exceptional years, when the Carignan grapes are the best.

It is fermented in open French oak casks, using indigenous wild yeasts.


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