The Alchemy of wine

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This activity aims to interact between work groups, learn and understand the alchemy of wines.
The price of € 588 is for the activity of 1 to 12 people.


  • Meeting at the winery
  • Explanation of the activity and formation of the groups
  • Coupage
  • Blind tasting of the resulting wines and scoring
  • Award ceremony for the winning team


3 tanks from our winery with 3 different varieties of wine will be indicated where you can take wine with jugs and with the test tubes you will have to measure and mix what each team believes to make the blend of their wine.

Blind tasting:

Once the wine is made, with limited time, we will go to the tasting room where the wine will be tasted without knowing the group to which it belongs and will be scored. The wine with the highest score will be the winner of a gift from the winery.

Each team will take a bottle of their coupage.

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